About me

Let me cover you with velvet kisses

I’ll create a look that’s made for you…dress you up!

Welcome to ‘Courtesane Fashion’ our affordable, exclusive, sexy and quality women’s fashion.

We are proud to introduce to you the first collection of Nadie Verhaert.

Nadie is the brain and designer behind the CF label. Through her passion for fashion Has grown the idea to launch her own label with affordable, wearable and exclusive women’s clothing but above all with a high quality production and finishing.

In order to guarantee a real top quality Nadie keeps the production of her designs for the CF label entirely in Belgium and chose professionals from the fashion industry. This is ‘Belgian’ all the way!

‘Dress you up’

‘Dress you up’ Madonna sings it, Nadie designs it. We don’t do it enough in these days of ‘baggy’ clothes, ladies, dress you up, feel pretty and be a bit like a diva!

Nadie and Courtesane Fashion are ready for it.

Have fun in both choosing and wearing the CF label and ‘Dress you up’!